What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Camping And Scouting?


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I don't know about scouting but ill tell you about camping.
1)FAMILY TIME: Its the best way to connect and bond with your family.
2)COST EFFECTIVE: Money spent on air ticket and hotel rooms can be scratched out and replaced by significantly smaller amounts spent on driving to your campsite.
3)IMMEDIATE OPTION: A camping trip can fit into the amount of time you have to spare and does not require much proper planning.
4)LOVE FOR NATURE: One of the biggest advantages of camping is taking kids will inculcate in them a love for nature.
5)HEALTH: The fresh air and exercise that a camping trip affords you is great for health it also refreshes mind.
1)FORGETTING SOMETHING: Make a list so that you don't forget.
2)MAKING TENTS: Sometimes tents don't come properly so practice once.
3)BATHROOM/TOILET FACILITY: So better take a folding camping toilet.
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In My experience ,

scouting and camping make you more peaceful , survival skill increase , nature feelings , you can explore about nature.


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It definitely isn't the most comfortable way to spend your time and that's the biggest disadvantage in my opinion. But if you have all the right equipment it will be fine. I mean, some people go camping even without a proper camping flashlight and it's ridiculous. I prefer to pack as many useful things as possible before such a trip not to experience any kind of troubles.

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advantage of tent is that you can sleep anywhere, It is one of the most valuable item when your out in the wild Disadvantages is that you have to assemble and reassemble it and its kind a bulky to carry. But if your just one person then you can brill a small tent for you.. You can check out One man tent for bikepacking

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What's up? My weekend was just wonderful. I went on a little trip with my family. If you can call it that. We took tents and went to the forest, away from the city bustle. We liked it so much that I think it will become a tradition. Tents were rented, but we decided to buy personal ones on this site . Good luck

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