What Kind Of Yarn Can Be Used On Plastic Canvas?


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Kathy Barwick answered
Most plastic canvas crafters believe that the only kind of material you can use on plastic canvas is plastic canvas yarn, such as needloft yarn, metallic yarn, Darice or JP.Coats yarn. That’s the farthest thing from the truth.

In addition to yarn you can also use embroidery floss, 4ply, 6ply or even thicker yarn when you’re working with 5 count plastic canvas. Craft cord, Elastic stretch cord, ribbon, fabric and wraphia, you can order from Bags & Bows 800-225-8155.

You can create very stunning patterns when using a wide assortment of yarns, cords and fabrics. The pictures below are a sample of what you can create with 10 count plastic canvas, embroidery floss and Elastic stretch cord.

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It depends a lot on the size of plastic canvas mesh you are using.

For typical 7-count plastic canvas mesh, you would use standard Needloft yarn or Darice yarn or JPCoats.

For smaller count canvas, you can use anything from embroidery floss to elastic stretch cord.

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