How Do You Open A Bingo Parlour?


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To open a bingo parlour or a bingo hall you will need to check with your local authorities on the procedures involved. There is no other option as you need to clear all the procedural formalities and objections if any before such a venture.

In Great Britain the two leading companies with bingo halls are the Gala Bingo (Gala Group Ltd.); and the Mecca Bingo Ltd. (which is a division of The Rank Group plc). In addition to providing the common House/Bingo which is played by marking numbered books, you will find that most of the larger clubs have had their tables modified aimed at playing Cash House or what is known as Mechanized Cash Bingo.

Another website which may interest you is www.nationalbingo.couk .
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john rambo answered
To open bingo parlor you must meet the condition for legalization of the same from the government..
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You need to take permission from the local governing authority & fulfill all the necessary conditions.
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Before you consider opening a bingo parlour, have you thought about online bingo.  There are loads of great sites at which you can play bingo online these days, and they are gaining popularity, particularly with the 25 - 40 female demographic.  

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