Are Men Better In Sports Than Women ? Why ?


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A study in Canada has found that men are slightly smarter than women. Earlier studies in Britain and Denmark reported that men are smarter by 4 or 5 points in the Intelligence Quotient test. The study in Canada showed the same result. One such study showed that men have larger brains than women, a 100 gram difference after correcting for body size. This means more brain tissue, and that brain tissue is used to figure out highly complicated questions and problems.

Men's blood has more of a important oxygen carrying protein - haemoglobin. As a result, each litre of male blood contains about 150-160 grams of haemoglobin, compared to only 130-140 grams for females. The bottom line is that each litre of male blood can carry about 11 per cent more oxygen than a similar quantity of female blood. Male world records at distances all the way up to the marathon are also about 11 per cent faster than female world records.
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Of course, the studied IQ test was developed by men. Brain wiring and body construction are different. There is no question that men are well-suited to tasks requiring brute strength and awkwardness. Women tend to multitask better, and perform better on tasks requiring finesse and flexibility.
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It depends on the man, the woman, and the sport.  There are exceptions to every rule.

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