How Do You Make A Collage?


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A Collage basically is a work of visual arts created from an assemblage of diverse forms, hence producing a new whole. Generally it is not that hard to create a collage, you are only restricted by your imaginations and the things available at hand.

The best thing about a collage is that there are no set rules which dictate how to make one. Generally there is no correct or incorrect way to create a collage and what ever you create will be perfect. If you don't know where to start of from, pull out a magazine from there select and pull out ten to twenty images. After you're done with selecting the magazine material now check out the other objects available and choose what else you would like to add to your collage. You can generally make a collage really simple and add many layers to it; you can also add to it your own person images of family and friends.

If you want you can also add small precious things which matter a lot to you like, your first dollar earned, first air ticket, tickets from you favourite concert, etc. All this will make your collage more attractive and lively.

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