How To Get Tickets For The NFL Draft At Madison Square Garden?


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For the 2010 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall you will be able to get FREE Draft tickets at
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The NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting is the official name for NFL draft. It is the annual sports draft in which NFL teams select first time players and amateur college American football players. The theatre at Madison Square Garden, that seats up to 2000 and 5,600 for concerts and was a traditional venue for the NFL draft until 2005. Thereafter, the venue was shifted to the Jacob Javits Convention Centre after the MSG management raised objection to the new ground for the New York jets.

Tickets to the NFL draft are free, but there are long bee lines with fans expecting to get that one rare glimpse of their team's high profile players and picks. Fans be punctual to attend the draft.  The present format has 7 rounds. You can go to
www.webtickets.comsports/nfl/nfl_draft_tickets.asp for purchase of NFL draft tickets.
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The NFL has info on their website about how to attend the 2011 draft:

You can also find info on a Fan Rally at the NFL Draft here: OR

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going to show the NFL that the fans aren't happy and they need to settle this lockout ASAP before we move onto other sports.

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