Is There A Golden Corral In Maine?


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Golden Corral opened its first restaurant, situated in Fayetteville, NC, in 1973. Since then, it has rapidly expanded and is now known as the Number One buffet and grill in America.

The endless buffet offers a choice for every taste, from breakfast and lunch to dinner. As well as the main buffet, offering a huge variety of options, there is also a bakery buffet with freshly baked cakes and breads, and a dessert buffet.

Thanks to the wholesome food and family friendly atmosphere, it continually attracts a huge variety of customers.

Large goups and bus tours are welcome, although reservations have to be made in advance. This is easily done via their website.

As a result of their popularity, Golden Corral now operates over 480 restaurants in 40 states. 105 of these establishments are owned by the parent company itself, while the remaining ones have been franchised.

Unfortunately, Maine appears to be one of the few states where no Golden Corral restaurants have been established yet.

This sadly also applies to neighbouring states New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

The closest possible Golden Corral restaurants available to potential customers from Maine are consequently situated in Massachusetts and New York.

Their exact locations can be found using Golden Corral's <a href=""> location finder </a>. Quite simple to use, it can find locations either by address or by state.

On selecting a state, it will display addresses and contact numbers for all establishments within the particular state, as well as a map pin-pointing the locations of establishments within areas.

Whether establishments in Maine or one or more of the neighbouring states are in the planning is unknown. In the meantime, a visit to a Golden Corral restaurant will remain a special treat connected to a trip to Massachusetts or New York.
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No. The closest Golden Corral restaurant is in New York. I am a Time-Warner CATV subscriber living in Southern Maine. Golden Corral, Long John Silver and Sonic restaurant TV commercials invade our airwaves several times a day. What a tease! It makes one ask why these franchises spend big bucks to market their product in our locale?
We have several restaurant franchises in the area, unfortunately, no Golden Corral, Long John Silver or Sonic franchises. The way the economy is going, I don't believe we will see any of them for a long, long time. As a matter of fact, two major franchises closed in our area; Chili's and TGIF. The two popular franchises were open for no more than two years when the doors were shut. Barely enough time for "newness" to wear off.
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There is one in Springfield, MA - 436 Parker Street.  I  hear it's pretty good.  Will be going this weekend (Memorial Day weekend,  2010)
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if Golden Coral were to open a franchise near the Maine Mall, it would put the Cracker Barrel over there out of business. I only get to eat at Golden Coral when in Tenn, and that's only 10 days a year vacation, not nearly enough for my taste. The one in Mass is almost in Conn, and i try to avoid Mass as much as possible.

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