What Sport Is Called The Sport Of Kings?


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There are two contenders for this title, but if you asked most people in the UK they would say that "the sport of kings" was horse racing. Even today the Britsh royal family have strong connections with this sport, and its royal connections go back to around the 12th centoru when English kings began to import large, fast Arab horses and breed them with the smaller native animals. By the time of King Henry VIII in the 16th century, racing had become a well known royal pastime (partly because it was too expensive for ordinary people.)

Another sport which often used to be described as the sport of kings was falconry. In the Middle Ages falconry was very much associated with royalty and aristocracy, in fact there were even rules about what kind of falcon was suitable for different social classes; but unlike racing, falconry in the UK has not really kept its status as a "royal" sport.

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