Should Teens Be Able To Play In Professional Sports?


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I think you are trying to understand the level of pressure that is involved in professional sports and is that good for teens to participate in.  Also, one must look at the health and educational effects that professional sports have on teens.  There is both a good and bad side to each.  Health: Teens have fit bodies, well developed muscles and with good nutritional counseling good bones.  Also, sports help children and teens maintain an active metabolism.  However, are their bodies put under too much stress that their joints are messed up, or full growth is inhibited?  Education: Teens are encouraged to pursue higher education and grades to allow them the privilege of sport.  However, some teens focus so much on sport that their education takes a back seat and is not pursued to its fullest.

In particular sports like gymnastics professional athletes must be in the professional sport in their teens where most girl peak in either training or competition.  

Therefore, I think that teens should be able to play in professional sport.  Sports have the potential to teach good virtues that are valued in our society like courage, perseverance, discipline, fairness, honesty, etc.

I would be interested to see if someone argues against professional sport to say that amateur or recreational sport would be a better choice.

Are professional sports necessary??
I think they should be encouraged.  Each student should be encouraged to keep improving and reach one's full potential - again with the virtue theory, that these students will take this motivation into all the areas of their life and strive for excellence.
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I believe teens should if they have the right training or are going to get it! Why do you ask if you don't mind
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Well yes and no.  The NBA and NFL would have to lower the player salaries and have bigger teams.  If they do though then they  be shouldn't be playing 1st string.  They will have more experience when they're 20 so they will be better.
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If they are good enough then sure
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They would not last. First off is all the pressures and schedules and deadlines and training... Then there is the money thing, teens would take the money, go on to and buy everything that they wanted and then be asking mom and dad for money to pay the monthly bills. Because NFL players get paid on a yearly salary.

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