How To Play The Milton Bradley Game Hands Down?


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Hands down is a fun combination of a card and a broad game. It is a 3-4-player game. To begin with, each player should choose a coloured hand (blue, green yellow or red), each player should be given 4 cards and the remaining cards should be placed face down in a "draw" pile. Take turns and draw the card until one find a match. The person who finds a match will slap the coloured hand down. The last person to slap the coloured hand will have to give away one of his cards to the person who slapped the hand first.

The order of the game is decided by the slapping machine as the coloured hands and the lever are colour coordinated. The coloured hand on top gets a card taken away. If you draw a card that does not match, you pretend to slap the slap in order to fake out your friends. If you succeed you can take a card away from them and place it on the bottom of the draw pile. The one with most matches at the end of the game is the winner. You know the game has ended when there are no cards left in the draw pile.
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Thanks Nyala!  I'm a school counselor and the version at my school did not have the directions, so I found this helpful!
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You read the instructions.

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