Hi, do anyone know a good bookmaker. I want to bet on sports?


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I don't waste my money on finding people who are "Bookies" to bet on sports , lottery etc , You're best to find someone where you live or through a list of friends who are into that kind of stuff . Also be careful cause you could lose money on whatever you bet . My cousins use to bet on Horse Racing , sometimes they won other times they loss but they didn't take it extreme to make them flat broke.

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The last thing is to look for someone on Blurtit cause this is such a small website people don't have time for that stuff and yes they will most likely ignore you. People have better things to do with their life's than to sit on here and try to be a Bookie and bet on sports, horse racing, lottery etc . Yes Bookmaker is same thing as Bookie ..Bookmaker
Description -A bookmaker, bookie, or turf accountant is an organization or a person that accepts and pays off bets on sporting and other events at agreed-upon odds
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There will be an interesting football game soon. I would like to try to win sports betting and make money. For this, I already have some kind of sports forecast, which I made based on my knowledge, as well as using this site. Bettingtipsx is a source of useful sports betting tips, check it out free betting tips.

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Well, in fact, I really know one pretty reliable betting portal, here is a link to their website https://1xbet.co.ke/. Try it, in my opinion this is a pretty good and reliable option, besides, there is a very user-friendly interface and there is a real opportunity to win a lot of money if you understand sports of course

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