Have you ever been on a zip-line?


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Skip Gentry answered

No way!

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Yin And Yang answered

No way! 😣😝😨

My daughter went on a church youth retreat one weekend... And came back saying how she had fun then got scared sitting and waiting on a platform in a tree but once she jumped off the cliff hanging on by a harness and cable it was a freeing experience... All I heard was my church threw my baby off a cliff! 😅 I probably wouldn't have let her go had I known cliff's and cables were involved. It was a last minute "hay how many of you teens wanna do this before we go home" kind of thing! 😅 Or maybe she didn't tell me zip lining was part of the experience cuz she wanted to go. 🤔 next time I read the fine print on the permission slip! 😅

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Flora Huang answered

Yes I have about two years ago with my brother. It was so fun even though my brother for scared and I became mean and laughed at him

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