Who'll win a fight: 19yo athletic girl who trains BJJ for 9yrs or me, 25yo, 230lb guy, taller than her? I lost a bet I have to spar her, but I don't think she has any chances.


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If she is willing to spar with you .. Then I wouldn't under estimate her abilities.  Skill is what improves abilities .. Not size

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Edy Smith
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But I'm two times heavier than her.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Do I need to repeat ?
If she is skilled .. do not under estimate her abilities ., a heavier opponent can be debilititated by a precicely placed strike just as easily as a lighter one
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You don't "have"  to spar with a teenage girl because you lost a bet. I don't think I like you.

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Jaimie  JT
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Icee Guldiggarz
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If SHE was the one that made the bet, then I don't see a problem with it. Remember (although your friends probably won't see it like this), if you win, you didn't beat a woman, you beat someone who's a trainer fighter.
Edy Smith
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I think it's a fair deal.
But if she is a experienced fighter she should know, that challenging two times bigger guy is not a good idea for her.
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Edy, I wish you well. One of my friends, in his early 30s, volunteered to do a demonstration with his Kung Fu instructor -- a small, light woman with the agility of a cat. He had a brown belt and wasn't too far from earning his black.

"I'll never do it again," he said. "She was brutal!"

Let Rooster know when you're sparring with her so that he can keep your account open till you get out of hospital.

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Didge Doo
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In that case it sounds as though you're just a bully or a thug. Either that or you're a troll. Leave her alone.
PJ Stein
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She is a purple belt because you have to be 16 to get a blue belt and have to have it a minimum of 2 years before you can qualify for a purple belt. You have to have that for 1.5 years before you can move on to the brown belt. She is moving up as fast as she is allowed.
Edy Smith
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I will check if she is so talented
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You don't mention if you have any training. I am going to deduce you don't, because if you did you would know an athletic 19 year old woman could easily drop you. There is this thing called physics, and when applied properly in a fight on someone who doesn't know about them, they lose. Badly. And quickly. So where can I go to place my money on her?

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So how's your stamina?

BJJ artist will take the fight to the ground . . . Regardless if you are in the mount position or she is . . . Strength means nothing once you loose energy, and she had 9 years to learn how to conserve hers, and make you use all of yours. In the end you will most likely tap out, unless she has no real ability or her teacher is bad.

Good luck . . .

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Edy Smith
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In comparison with her I have no stamina, because she works out at the gym six times a week, while I'm not into sports. She is rather muscular, but I don't believe she has enough power to hurt me.
Darik Majoren
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So, do you happen to know how much pressure needs applying to a joint or nerve cluster to inflict a blinding amount of pain?

Having a Hapkido background, I can tell you it isn't much. If you are familiar with body mechanics "Hurting someone" is no trouble at all . . . after 9 years of hitting the mat with various weight classes I am sure she is very familiar with all the body types and the mechanics associated. I recommend Ibuprofen for recovery.
Edy Smith
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I fight her and now I understand what do you mean very well.
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Take her to Suplex City. It doesn't matter how much or what martial arts you know. You take her to the City, and she won't be leaving very soon.

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Icee Guldiggarz
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It's not about whether she LETS him do anything. When you're in a fight, you're not LETTING your opponent do anything. If he ends up taking her to Suplex City, then there's nothing she can do about it.

And besides, if she is trained, then she shouldn't be challenging him to a fight. She should know how to control her temper. And I don't know what her trainer is like, but some teachers will suspend you if you fight someone.
star gazing
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I don't know, could she keep herself out of that situation? and yep, no one should be challenging anyone to a fight here.
Edy Smith
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She is going to prove that strengh doesn't matter and she is able to beat two times bigger guy using technique. I didn't agree with her and that is why she was looking for a pretext to challenge me.

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