What's your favorite Pokémon? I can't choose between cutiefly, walrein, or vaporeon


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Dear Rex Stutznegger,

Easiest Question ever, it is Pikachu.

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Virginia Lou
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Oh ty SO much! She is 25 years old now...hard to believe, she was only with me from age nine to twelve or so...we had a great time...
I looked at your profile, am kinda calculating you are around 14 years old? Marvelous age, and a wonderful time to be living in your teens, too!

If I go to Pokémon, I will come to you for advice! She was doing it on my old Gateway computer, only 586 MB of RAM, so must not be too difficult...
Yin And Yang
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If you do Virginia let me know!!!! :0)
Virginia Lou
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Yes Dear Y&Y, your article has re-awakened my interest!
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i've always loved squirtle. When i was 10. I won giant squirtle teddy at the fair (it was big!!)

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Water Nebula
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Aw it sounds cute! Do you still have it?
Woof Woofy
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i really wish i did :( my younger cousin and aunt was in town visiting for the day.. my cousin saw my squirtle and asked my mom if she could have it and my mom said ok.. they left before i got home from school and they lived hundreds of miles away.. i was disappointed because that was my prized possession when i was a kid. i still don't get why my mom did that (she said she thought i wouldn't have cared). im gonna get another one some day.
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I love Pikachu also. When it was on in the 90's and I was watching it with my daughter I always loved the friendship between Ash and Pikachu. Since it has surfaced again I joke around and tell my husband I am a cross between two Pokemon.... Jinx and Chansey. LOLOLOLOL!

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