Today is the day that they release the Summersville Lake dam here in WV which kicks off the Gauley Rivers' whitewater rafting season, has anyone been whitewater rafting and did you enjoy it?


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I have been, here's a few pics of the release!

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The closest I've ever been to white water rafting is a lazy tube ride in the river.

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Jaimie  JT
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Oh hell no!!! Clash of the egos ... He's famous and I'm a legend in my own mind ... Would be a disaster... But a fun night at that ... But I don't do the one night thing ...!i might make an exception for him though ... Now I'm giving this serious thought like it could happen :) yep ... I'm delusional ;p
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Ah, you can always dream.
Jaimie  JT
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Oh yeah I can ... I could totally have him if wanted to ... Cos I said so :)
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Yes newbraunfels texas the guadalupe river when they open the dam watch out

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Dear Angela,

Washington State has wonderful whitewater and yes I have loved it, over the years...also one (actually twice) memorable trip down the Green River in Utah, a tributary of the Colorado, where we were searching out and studying ancient Anasazi pictographs.

These days, however, I mainly take my little rubber boat and float gently down the mighty (little) Skookumchuck on its way to meet up with the Chehalis River, all heading toward the Pacific Ocean...

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Oh yeah ! Chili Bar white water rafting tours on the upper American river .

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Love the rapid names!
Didge Doo
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Me too. They're really great. I hope that African Queen location has nothing to do with torpedoes. :(
Virginia Lou
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In California, I have loved both the American River and the Russian River...

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