my father is always gambling. what should we do to stop him???


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maybe so a counsler.

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Unfortunately, as with any addiction, he has to chose to stop. You can give him the info on where to find a Gambler's Anonymous meeting but you can't make him go.

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Have you tried an intervention?

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Chami Neko
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I did Maam but it didn't work.
Cookie Roma
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While that's unfortunate, no one can actually make someone change. If he's not interested in making that change he won't change.
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Unfortunately, he has to
want to quit, but if he knows he has a problem but still feels compelled to
gamble there is medication that can help reduce the craving to gamble, and when
gambling , a gambler would spend much less.

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This is his choice. You will do nothing until he wants to stop himself.  I know what I am talking about. I am a sport better and I used to spent a lot of money in vain. Now I bet once per week with and control my desire. He should choose, not you

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PJ Stein
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You are a leech. Telling a child who is looking for help with a parent and you suggest a way to gamble? Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. Same goes for Anna K, who did the same thing.

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