I have a tiny frame and don't think I'm fat or need to loose weight, I probably need to put some on, but I want to get fit. A lot of the programs out there are designed to help you loose weight know of any just for getting fit? Any tips?


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Do weight training. It will build muscle and not burn off the calories that aerobics or cardio workouts do.

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Kayle Smyth
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Thanks but the problem is that I don't have weights at home, don't have the money to buy them or a gym membership. (I'm 15 and hopefully getting a job this summer)
PJ Stein
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There are plenty of things you can use around the house for weights. A gallon jug of water is 8 lbs. If you don't have one. Once a milk jug is empty, wash it and use that. Here are a couple of links they can help you find other objects you can use.



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