Is a Winchester sxp defender better then a moss-berg 930 or a Remington 870 express?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

YES ! The Winchester is the top rated of the top five. Mossberg is fifth and Remington is third. Winchester has always been the best !

Based on the classic Model 12 and 1200 shotguns, the Winchester SXP’s design has proven itself a reliable man stopper in the jungles of Vietnam, trunks of police cruisers and countless farmer’s bedsides for decades. While not as popular as the Remington 870 today, Winchester SXP continues this heritage of rugged reliability while adding modern features like rail attachments, interchangeable chokes and recoil-reducing furniture. While fewer accessories exist for the SXP than Mossberg or Remington’s cash-cows, all the important ones exist like sights, magazine extensions and flashlight mounts.  Plus, how cool is it to own a descendant of the American Trench Gun of the Great War?

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