What is More Important in a Fight: Fists or Mind?


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The mind is a much more powerful weapon than the fists. Effective use of fists might blacken an eye or break a jaw, but effective use of a mind can ruin lives and destroy the world, or save lives and benefit the world.

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It's fair to say though, that faced with a violent thug on the streets of Glasow holding a broken bottle, "mind" probably doesn't get much of an opportunity to weave such magic.
Call me Z
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Perhaps not traveling alone on thug infested streets of Glascow would have been a win for the mind. Arming or training oneself for such an event would be a win for the mind.
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The feet. They're great for running away.

Always remember that "flight" is the first response to "fright" in the four f's of survival: Fright, Flight, Fight, and Procreation.

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Mind (not being stupid enough to get into a fight in the first place, for example)

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They say the mind to talk yourself out of it or diffuse the situation but with my temper, I always seem to settle things with my fists !

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Mind, you can use it to figure out your opponents next move and block it or use it against him. You are more able to map out an attack route rather than throw any random punch.

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When you look at it deeper, you know they need to work together, fist & mind are a puzzle of one matter that completes each other.

But when you look at it little more deeper, you realize having a strong fist can't help you if you don't have the mind & you can be in more trouble constantly & get in the traps of the one who has no fist but using their mind. Even for a fist you need to have a good mind.so mind can  help you first & more.

A mind can know where what to do,when what to say, it can help to not let any fight be going on at all, make compromises,deals, makes things calm or fire things up all according to the plan.

With a good mind you can destroy someone without even touching them & guess what! ? They can't even guess they have been destroyed by you, cause they thought you are their good friend. & to be honest, if you use your mind, destroying those that trying use their fist skill without any mind is damn easy!

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A fist fight? Most people say "mind" because it's better overall and yes, you can develop a smart strategy but I'd have to go with fists because it's more effective. I don't condone violence in any way but if there was really no way you could get out of something and you needed to fight, you need to be strong, physically and mentally. It does take a strong mind to figure out exactly what you've got to do though ;)

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There are so many factors when it comes to fighting. Both mind and body play their part. In a real situation it is hard to get them both in sync unless you know what your doing.

The mind should be mature and civilised enough to know that fighting is the last resort. But, if it does come to that, being able to punch and stay calm under extreme pressure will certainly see you well.

If you're not used to altercations then it will be very hard for you to remain calm and not be "shook up" when it comes to dealing with a real situation. Although this is a normal response, through training in a martial art like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Street version - not sport) you can become so unfazed, relaxed, and confident in a crisis situation that your mind and body are able to remain much calmer under pressure and deal with the situation appropriately.

Depending on the severity of the situation and the persons intent to cause you harm, this can be done by causing minimal injury, and in some cases just ends up with nothing more than a hurt ego for your "opponent". Mind and body working together like best friends. Good luck.

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I think Mind, Beacuse mind is Fights are won and lost with the mind. Unless you don't "mind" getting the crap kicked out of you...

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