How do you play horseshoes, that is what are the rules? How far apart should the posts be?


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Here's a link to the official horseshoe site.

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Linilla Schmidt
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Thanks so much for the link!! I printed it out now. Occasionally we find a horseshoe on our property from a bygone time, as we don't actually keep horses ourselves. So I have this collection & thought I'd make an area to play it.
We have an older neighbor a mile down the road from here that asks us to toss horseshoes when we come over in the summertime but he sorta changes the rules back and forth.
Now for the sake of neighborship I will of course try NOT begin to tell him how to play, don't worry, but over here we could play by my rules I figure.
Ancient Hippy
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My family does the exact same thing Linilla. We sort of have our own variation of the official rules, to suit who is playing. When my kids were little, the rules were much more relaxed and we even had the pits closer together. If the game is not fun, no one will want to play.

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