Which is the most expensive restaurant in London?


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London has plenty of expensive restaurants to choose from. Working out which is MOST expensive really depends on what your order, though, or on what you consider value for money.

If you're simply after a fine-dining experience that'll definitely leave your wallet lighter and your stomach fuller, then these are the venues you'll want to visit:

Most expensive restaurants in London
Gordon Ramsay - has developed something of a "foodie empire", but his self-titled restaurant near Sloane Square serves up the best of British cuisine, at the steepest of British prices.

According to, dinner at Gordon Ramsay's will set you back $130 per head (if you manage to book a table at all).

Some of the capital's priciest eateries also offer a place to sleep, too (and I'm not talking about the Travel Lodge across the road).

London Hotels and their associated eateries are home to some of the best chefs in the world, and also the priciest dinner bills ever printed.

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester has more Michelin stars than any other 'culinary artist' in the world. Dinner with Alain will cost around $70 a head.

Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley is another mouth-watering prospect for connoisseurs of fine dining.
A table for one can also reach the $70 mark quite easily.
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Sketch -- The Lecture Room and Library near London's Oxford Circus is probably London's most expensive restaurant.
The most expensive restaurant in London

Sketch is a creation of the team efforts of Chef Pierre Gagnaire and Mazouz, who used to run a restaurant in Algeria, and it's a place where people seeking food, art, and music can find all three. The restaurant's New French cuisine has received great reviews.

Although it is very expensive, Sketch is perhaps worth a visit to experience the impeccable service, in-house D.J. And the collection of art exhibits.

One should have some idea of the prices before venturing here, though. A meal with a glass of wine can average around $180 easily. Moreover, it is not a place where one would expect to find many people at one time. In other words, it is not a crowded place.

Is London's most expensive restaurant really worth it?

Sketch has historically been criticised for several reasons. Some people find the place extremely expensive and the food not that great, while lovers of French food have really enjoyed the food and atmosphere.
Over the years, Sketch have taken the criticisms on board, and tried to lower their prices and improve their standards.
The address is as below:
9 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XG
Telephone: +44(0)870 777 4488

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