How old were you when you learned how to swim?


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I was 5, it was a requirement of my dad.

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You're not going to believe this, but I was 45. I wanted to compete in a triathlon and had to learn to swim before I could do it.

I usually came out of the water near the tail of the field, but I OWNED the next two legs and spent the rest of the event passing all those fast swimmers who couldn't ride a bike, or run. I loved it.

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My dad taught me when I was 14, although, he signed me up for swimming lessons when I was around 6. I spent a few years there and never learnt. I wasn't ready to learn at that time. But when I was 14, I hopped in the water and swimming was natural to me (I was jumping off the high diving board within a couple of hours after swimming for the first time)

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Never learned, even failed my swim test in the navy till they taught me to float. Yes you read that correctly, I'm a very weak swimmer and joined the navy.

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For me it's late, when I was mature, so until now I can't swim well. I just can swim a little and I am afraid of being on a ship, that's the reason I can't swim.

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Around 10 years old. Took lessons at the YMCA.

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Great user name. I have a very large, fatty lump on my back which my doctor says is a lipoma but which Mrs Didge has diagnosed as QMS. She says I have Quasimodo Syndrome. :(

And now I've met the very man himself. Hello Qazzie. :)
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I was also 5.
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I don't even know. I was always a horrible swimmer, but could still do enough to move and float. I'm still not a great swimmer. I don't think I fully understood what to do with my arms and such until my brother left my cousin and I on the sand bar, got in the boat, left, and we had to swim all the way back! That happened more than once too..

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