What do I need to know for my first time skiing?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

First thing to do is find an instructor to help you get the right skis and teach the basics. It's hard to just stand up till you learn a few things first. Make sure you wear well padded ski pants because you're going to be on your butt a lot till you get it down. Like everything else, practice makes perfect. If they have small classes with an instructor wherever you go, make sure you join right up. Have fun! I loved it and snowboarding too! :)

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Hiya! First dress warm, lol! Next, prepare yourself for some unintentional relocations to the ground... And you'll be fine! Oh... Bunny slope first! Have fun!

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Not the food, sadly. It means to make your skiis into the shape of a triangle (much like a slice of pizza) in order to slow yourself down. I remember having that shouted at me all the time when I was learning to make sure I didn't take off down the mountain at full speed!

The key when you first start is to ski across the mountain in a zig zag, as opposed to skiing straight down. When you have mastered the techniques- turning, slowing down etc. Then you can start to take a more direct route and go a little faster.

Stick to the learner slopes to begin with, don't get cocky and start going down black runs by the afternoon, you'll only regret it!

Other tips: Don't be afraid to fall! It happens to everyone when they first start, and you'll be surrounded by other newbies on the learner slopes. Make sure you have some good, warm gear on and you won't even mind spending half your time on your back.

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