How did Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll get a facial scar on his left cheek?


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Super Bowl viewers may have noticed Pete Carroll looked a little different during Sunday night's game.

Seattle's coach was sporting a scar on his left cheek that was absent during Carroll's various media sessions earlier in the week.

After the game Fox's Peter Schrager asked Carroll about the mark, and the 62-year-old had a great answer.

"I did get hit returning a kickoff in practice this week...I jumped in to give Percy (Harvin) a break, trying to do the right thing, and Derrick Coleman grabs me and (Chris) Maragos comes in and gives me a shot in the head.

"We covered kicks like wild men tonight so it was OK. If I contributed to that in any way I'll take the hit."

Carroll played free safety in high school and college.

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