Does Candy Crush level skip work?


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Candy Crush has people all over the world practically acting like zombies. If someone is glued to their phone, chances are they are playing this game.

Still, as great as this game is, it can also get really tricky, so it’s normal that people are looking for ways to skip levels.

Skipping levels of Candy Crush Saga

The bad news is that there isn’t a way to do this just yet, but there are many people preying on other players’ hopes of achieving this.

Yes, I’m talking about scammers.

Many of these scammers ask you to download apps, pay a fee or even like a Facebook page for the chance to skip a level.

This usually doesn’t work – it just allows these scammers to get what they want before running off with your money or simply wasting your time.

So no, unfortunately, the Candy Crush level skip simply doesn't work.

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