What Have You been up to this weekend?


4 Answers

Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
Got up at 5:10am. Went to Shoppers Food Warehouse. They bake their own doughnuts fresh daily. Picked up two dozen doughnuts for Mens Bible study. Went to Mens Bible Study. Then i came home, picked up my wife and took her out for lunch.
Nice Girl Profile
Nice Girl answered

This was asked in 2011 and I'm answering in 2014! Anyways, this weekend, all my Saturday was school so I have only Sunday, and on Tuesday we have a test so I'm thinking to relax a bit then study for the test!

Nadya Bean Profile
Nadya Bean answered
Nothing much. Worked on a science project and watched some movies with a friend. You?
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
I was on vacation gambling and won $125.95. I bought shoes, nail polish, a handbag, and new clothes.

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