When Was The Last Time You Sat On A Swing Set?


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Michael Regenauer Profile
Last year at the nursing home they installed a special swing one side had a bench the other
side was for a wheelchair. It went back and forth like a glider, it was fun.
Jim Witness Protection Profile
I sit on one every spring. See, I built one for the back yard several years ago, and store it inside a shed in the winter. I drag it out every spring ( it is heavy - will sit 4 adults with room to spare ) and put it back in it's spot and then sit in it and try it out to make sure it is still sound structure. So far, no one has fallen through through the slates!
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Anonymous answered
It was a few years back when I took my sisters youngest to the park ....
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Alma Holmes answered
About a week ago i took my cherie my granddaughter to the park across the street from our place and she challenge me to see who could go the highest the swings are kind of high so it took me about three tries before i could even get on lol but once i did i had so much fun just watching her with awe in her eyes my grandma really can go. But of course i let her go the highest,
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Chinno answered
About from February and thats not really that recent.
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
Ah! Cherished Childhood memories.
I sat on one very very long ago. I loved it. I hardly cherish my childhood for very unduly strict things.
This Swing set is one of lost good memories you triggered dear. Thank You!
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Kk polly answered

It was 12 days ago on a Saturday. I took my 5 year old sister to the park, and I was alternating between the monkey bars and the swing set while I watched her. Then a girl a couple years younge than me came and sat on the swing next to me. We started up a conversation, and she became my new friend within that next hour. We were swinging for a whole hour. My legs got really sore! We made plans to come to the park the next Saturday, but it was raining. 

So maybe we'll have better luck this week.

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