What Is Your Favorite Restaurant?


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Chris ???? answered
I haven't been to many restaurants in my days but I will answer this question to my knowledge. Olive Garden and Applebees possess some fine food that are considered decent for my taste. I have yet to go to an upperclass restaurant and until I do, I will never know what fine dining really is.
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Dennys! I love denny's! It's the best
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I have 2 of them, Gwennie's Old Alaska Restaurant, (also where my hubby works), but with no bias, it's great food, and another local, Pizza Plaza, fine Italian dining.
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The Bridge Tender in Panama City, Fla. They serve the best steamed seafood in the world.
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Shumaila Sadia answered
I live in Pakistan and when ever some event happen we people go for treat in restaurants and i have visited many but like the Papa salils reception and service very much. I love to go there. And whats yours?

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martha answered
I love the Outback steakhouse, because I am sucker for a good steak!  Also the down under sundae is wonderful.  We have a local restaurant called The Korner Kafe and it is fabulous- down home cooking, large portions, great desserts and a neat surrounding. 
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I think it would be Asamj her in Bucharest. It's a very good Japanese and fusion restaurant, and the chefs cook your food right if front of you ( they have something on the ceiling that replaces "used" air with fresh one so you don't smell) . I'm a huge sushi, sashimi and miso soup fan!!! I also adore the green tea ice cream they make there :D

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