What Is The Best Way To Make Wings For An Angel?


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I'm not sure how much this will cost because of the wire but buy or find a few yards of thin flexible metal wire and shape it into two symmetrical wings that fit your child's back, cover each one with a leg of pantihose (used ones will be fine) any color will work although if you have white you might want to use that instead and then glue (hot glue gun or cement or gorilla make sure its strong) it to the pantihose so they look like feathers, work from the bottom up otherwise the feathers won't look right. Then let them sit for a few days to make sure everything is dry and holding firmly.
Good luck.
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Lady Love
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Thank you so much for your help. Quite creative, I might add. I'm a little confused about the feather part. Can you expound? Do I have to buy feathers?
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I was a fairy for valentines day once and I used small pillows sewed to a vest. It worked very well.
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The inexpensive way is to gather a small piece of wood accroding to the size of your kid. Place a white piece of cloth cut in a triangular shape. Stick it with the wooden stick and you get a wing.

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