How Can I Develop More Interests, Or Find My Passion?


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In short, you can find more interests by being brave and getting out into the world.

All the following are great ways to discover more interests and passions:
  • Join a society
  • Take a language class
  • Get involved in a sports club
  • Immerse yourself in a music scene
How to find your passion If you've decided to embark on a journey in search of your passion in life, it's important to do as much field research as possible. You don't want to subscribe to 'Crochet Monthly' only to discover that you'd actually prefer to spend your free time skydiving. 

My recommendation would be to try out as many different experiences as you possibly can.
Meet new people, do things you wouldn't usually do, get involved and see what it is that gets your blood pumping.

Have you considered travelling?
Just like a mystic guru looking for the meaning of life, maybe packing your bags and travelling abroad will expose you to experiences that will ignite interest and passion.

Interesting things to do with your time I'd suggest making a long list of things you'd be interested in trying out. Be as ambitious and outlandish as you can possibly be. What one person finds incredibly interesting might some distinctly average to the next. Try not to worry too much about what everyone else is doing and simply follow your instinct.

Why not enroll in a trial Taekwondo class? If all that stretching and roundhouse kicks get too much, move on to the next thing...

Consider your characteristics, and pick a pastime that is well suited.
If you're more tactically minded, maybe joining a chess club would be fulfilling.

If you love languages, why not sign up for a Japanese course?

If you're feeling altruistic, why not see if there's some charitable work you could get involved in within your local community?

The main thing is to approach life with a willingness to learn and get involved; the world is your oyster, so don't be a clam!
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Jillian Peppe answered
First step is to write things down into two category columns, "Things you already like to do" and "Things you want to learn to do". Then cross-reference the columns and you might see some that are similar same ideas.  That may be an idea of where your interest lies, or if you just want to be spontaneous, then pick a new interest that you as the person never would of thought of doing.  And who knows, you might find your passion.  Good luck finding your interest!
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Go out more, meet new people and have fun.

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