When Does Cedar Point Open?


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Cedar Point open on may 17
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Cedar Point is basically a 364 acres land which is a very huge amusement park. This 1.5 square kilometres park is situated in Sandusky, Ohio, USA. This park is programmed to open for the 2007 term on Saturday, May 12.

It is also considered to be one of the world's largest amusement park wherein it comprises of 68 rides and also a record holding of 17 roller coasters, of which the Top Thrill Dragster is considered to be the second tallest as the second fastest roller coaster in the world. Apart from all the amusement stuff the park also comprises of a mile-long white sand beach, two water parks, two marinas, a number of hotels, and "Challenge Park" featuring attractions such as go-karts and minute golf. It has also been voted as the "Best Amusement Park in the World" by Amusement today for nine consecutive years.

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