What Should I Wear When Going Snowboarding?


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It will very much depend on the weather, what you will actually wear on the slope, and on your proficiency as a boarder. A snowboarder-trouser is wider cut and more comfortably tailored than the average skiing-trousers. Both are of water-resistant material. Underneath those trousers wear a pantyhose- either of wool or - in very cold weather, a knee-length panty of angora-wool over a thin pair of nylon panty-hose. Wear thick woolen socks and the boarder-boots. 

Very important are the special snowboarding-gloves. They may be leather, but other material will do as well. Make sure they have a rubber-rough-lining on the palms, you will use your palms to stop your falls. So- even if you use normal skiing-gloves, they will not last a day of snowboarding if you are a beginner! Your snowboarding anorak is extra-long + has an inside fastening to go tightly around your bottom - so snow will not get inside when you fall. Underneth this anorak, wear any comfi flannel-shirt. Now, you still need a hat- again- if a beginner, get one that fastens under your chin - or you'll keep searching your hat in the snow at all times when it goes flying as you fall!
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You should not wear cotton socks!!! That's a snowboarding no no!!! Make sure your socks are high cut and not cotton and when you get to the hill make sure you change into the socks you are going to wear while snowboarding, so then your feet don't get sweaty that fast. :)
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Just about all the heavy stuff you can find :-)
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faye larkin answered
Wear thermal underwear made of synthetic-polyester top it with sweater or pull over to keep you warm. Then water proof shell and pants. Wear helmet or knit to keep your head warm .Don't forget to wear your gloves and ski boots.

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