How Much Is Terry Bradshaw Football Cards?


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Bradshaw cards are good investment if a few key rules are followed. His 1971 rookie card in nm or better condition is " off the charts " in price on ebay. His 72 card #150 can be found in great shape if you take your time. Make sure the card is centered no worse than 70/30 both ways+of course 50/50 is your goal. I have payed up to $50 for this beckett $40 card. But only in nm/mt cond. Per beckett graded card investor guide a psa 9 goes for $750 + a gem mint psa is close to $1000 right now. Stay away from the 72 #120 unless you can get it in great shape+at a low price. A psa 9 for this card is only $100!!.     Be careful when buying the 1973 card #15. Many of the cards will be centered reasonable and have good corners. But the fault will be a " snow type " effect on the jersey. On about 20% of the hundreds I've scanned or personally checked at shows and is so bad that it just ruins the value of the card!! There's 4 on ebay right now with this flaw. Ive been picking up psa 6 rookies for $100 on ebay in quantity. I often pay $200 for nm 0r $225 for a psa7.  Happy hunting!!

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