Is R4i Gold the best 3ds card?


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Jeanfran Jeanfran , Yes, answered

No, it's one of the worst.

And my advice would be to watch out for illegal R4 flash carts. Not only are they unreliable, but owning one could see you in a lot of trouble.

Recently, a judge in Japan rules that makers of illegal flash carts must pay back millions of dollars, and I wouldn't be surprised if the system tries to deter consumers by handing out heavy fines too!

You can read more about the fines handed out to illegal R4 flashcart developers here:

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Allen WU , No, answered

The best r4i card is R4i gold 3ds plus which preflashed by ntrboot, the best 3ds card is the Stargate 3ds, which supports both nds and 3ds games. They both can be find in 3DS-Flashcard store.

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I think R4i Gold card is good. Though I can't say it is best. It is good in price and compatibility. What is more, the software updates very fast. The card supports Ninentendo 3DS V2.1.0-3, DSi V1.4.3, DSi V1.4.2, DSi V1.4.1, DSiLL,DSiXL,DS and DS lite.

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