Where Is The Chef James Martin's Restaurant?


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James Martin’s restaurant is called "The Leeds Kitchen” and is inside the Alea Casino at Clarence Dock in Leeds.

James Martin was born in June 1972 in Malton, North Yorkshire.

His interest in cuisine started at the age of ten when he helped his father in the kitchen at Castle Howard stately home in North Yorkshire.  When James was only twelve years old, he cooked for the Queen Mother at this very location.

James first appeared on television in 1996, and has since been on many television shows, both as guest and host, such as Ready Steady Cook (where he remained a regular for a decade) and Saturday Kitchen which he presents to this day.  He has also written several books as well as endorsing a range of small kitchen appliances.

The Leeds Kitchen was opened by James Martin on Saturday 9th April 2011.  Previously known as "The Fig”, the restaurant is situated in the bright entertainment venue, Alea Leeds, which is a casino featuring Roulette, Blackjack and Three Card Poker.

James Martin’s restaurant has beautiful surroundings which were created by Yorkshire-based interior designer Carolyn Parker and includes James’ own collection of dinnerware.  Twenty five experienced chefs and staff were hired by James to ensure the opening went as planned.

The eatery offers a varied selection of dishes such as pan-fried rock bass with chickpeas, tomatoes and local Paganum chorizo; double-baked Coverdale cheese soufflé with a dandelion and walnut salad and pot roast chicken breast with smoked bacon, vegetables and mushroom shoots.

As well as the restaurant there are also function rooms and a cinema which is available for guests to hire out for private occasions.
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Chef James, born in Yorkshire, England is one of the prominent celebrity chefs in the world. Apart from the manufacturing business, he owns in St. Albans, named as Underwood, he also founded the Hotel du Vin and Bistro in Winchester in the year 1993 which was nothing short of a super success. The hotel is rumoured to have an 8 week waiting list for one table and it is a place known to experiment with menus everyday.

James Martin has also opened another Bistro on board Ocean Village, a UK based cruise ship operator. The Bistro adorns the culinary delights along with three other restaurants onboard, known as La Luna, The Waterfront and Plantations. The menu of the Bistro is reported to be mouth-watering and the dish demands an encore. The food is value for money, reportedly priced at £12.50 per head.
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The British celebrity chef James Martin is one of the very well known chefs of times. He currently owns a custom-made kitchen design and mechanized business in St Albans, which is called the 'Underworld'. At the age of 22, that was sin the year 1993 he opened Hotel du Vin and Bistro in Winchester, where he stands as the head chef. This restaurant gained huge popularity within eight weeks of its opening.

Some of his well known shows since November 1996 are Ready Steady Cook, Celebrity Ready Steady Cook, Kitchen Invaders, Hell's Kitchen, For Better For Worse, Food For Thought, Master & Servant, Channel 4's Light Lunch, Superchefs, Carlton Food Network Daily, Kids Eat the Funniest Things, BBC2's Food & Drink, to name a few.

Apart from appearing on various shows, James Martin has various collections of book written by him. His very first book is Eating In with James Martin, which was published somewhere in the year 1998. Some of his other copies include Great British Dinners, Master Chefs of Great Britain Cookbook, Easy British Dinners, etc.
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He owns several restaurants, including the Bistro restaurants on the Ocean Village 1 and 2 cruise liners, but his land-based restaurant is the Hotel du Vin and Bistro in Winchester, in the South of England.
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It's not in Yorkshire, it's in Winchester. There are plenty of good deli shops in Yorkshire, try on the square in Helmsley (can't remember the name)
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I can't find any record of a shop in Yorkshire, though he is certainly from there. There is an online shop, and perhaps you  could find out if there is one in Yorkshire by contacting his website.
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Aside from the Bistro restaurants on the Ocean Village cruise liners, he also has the Hotel du Vin and Bistro in Winchester.
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Martin opened his restaurant, called "The Leeds Kitchen", inside the Alea Casino in Leeds in 2011.

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It's actually in Winchester, not 6 miles out. It's called The Old Vine (Great Minster Street) and in addition to it being a pub restaurant it also has guest rooms that are quite pricey at over £100 per night.
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As the proprietor, I can confirm that The Old Vine in Winchester is not, and never has been, owned by chef James Martin.

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