What polycarbonate kayaks are?


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First off, polycarbonate is a material that is made up of thermoplastic polymers that are made up of carbonate groups. They are easy to shape and mold into any design and it is a very strong, tough material, which makes it great for kayaks. Kayaks made from polycarbonate are often made using a clear, see-through design. Some of the best sit-on-top kayaks are made from polycarbonate but other designs are made using this type of material.

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A whole lighter than regular canoes and move thru water easier with less rowing effort and many ride on top of the waves when used in oceans and these usually only need about 6 inches of water to work in
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Polycarbonate kayaks are exceptionally well finnished and look fantastic, the amazing thing is they cost far less than a composite kayak.This new technoloy has the strength and durability of a standard plastic kayak (in fact it's stronger than most rotomoulded plastic kayaks) but with a weight and performance more similar to a well built composite kayak.

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