How Many Superbowls Have The Cowboys Won?


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The cowboys have won 5 super bowls in all
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They won 5 super bowls

SB VI 1972 - Beat Miami Dolphins
SB XII 1977 - Beat Denver Broncos
SB XXVII - Beat Buffalo Bills

SB XXVIII - Beat Buffalo Bills

SB XXX -1995 Beat Pittsburgh Steelers
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They have won five wonderful superbowl's, hopefully this year will make six...... GO ROMO!!!!!!
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I am going to say two!
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The Dallas Cowboys are a professional American football outfit originating out of and based at the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Northern Texas. Having joined the National Football League (NFL) in 1960 as an expansion team, the Cowboys play in the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference in the NFL. The team is popular not only among the local fans, but across the entire country, which is why it is also known as America's Team. This national level interest has been mainly because of their track record at the NFL, where they have the record for the number of games in front of sold-out audiences – an amazing 160 sold-out regular as well as post-season games. It has 79 straight sell-outs at Texas Stadium, as well as 81 such sell-outs while on the road. With annual revenues in the region of $250 million, and valued at approximately $1.173 billion, they are one of the wealthiest sports teams in America.

The Cowboys have also made an impact at the Super Bowl. They are the first team in the United States to win three Super Bowls in four years, a feat that only the New England Patriots have managed to emulate since. They also have the most number of Super Bowl wins –
    five in all
. They are tied with the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers in this aspect.

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