Which of the following plans reimburses patients up to a specified amount? A- health insurance b- coinsurance c- indemnity d- major medical plan


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Meta Forrest answered
The answer would be D)  for a specified amount .  A) would cover an unspecified amount, and B) and C) do not come into the equation . 
CARL SEELEY answered
B reimburses 80% ..A 100%, C and D depends on your policy you pick. As usual the more you pay for your policy, the more covered. A and B are gov't.priced. C and D are optional thru insurance companies and authorized by the gov't. C supplements your B. And D is for drug coverage. A is for such as hospitalization and no cost if qualify for Social Security. B covers Dr visits and specialists and so on. B has a flat cost rate price per month from the gov't.

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