Which Is The Easiest Route To Climb Goatfell On The Isle Of Arran?


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The best route is to start from Cladach, a 3.5 mile journey to 2866 foot high summit. The route from Corrie is shorter but steeper.

Starting from the Cladach car park follow the track up the hill, passing by along the way the first of two raised beaches, relics from the last Ice Age. During the summer months, the field on the left may contain Highland Cattle. Now cross the Castle drive.

The second raised beach is on the next short steep section of forested land. This forestry road leads onto a moor land track and on until a small bridge across the Mill Burn. You get a good view of Brodick Bay from here.

Goatfell towers above and the track winds up the back of Corrie nam Meann and onto the narrow Meall Bhreac. From where the corrie path joins the main track to the summit is the toughest part of the walk.

There is now the choice of two paths to by-pass the large mass of granite near the summit. Take the right (north east) track below the "cyclopean walls". It is now only a short pull up to the summit indicator and triangulation point.

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