According to the Global Hyatt executive, "Business and leisure travel are blending. What we discovered was not so much a demographic but a mind-set." What are the implications for Hyatt Place's segmentation and targeting?


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To answer this question you should consider the following:

  • Look thorough your notes and past lectures
No doubt in previous lessons or lectures you would have covered Hyatt Place's segmentation and targeting. Therefore it is a great idea to refresh your memory by going over the notes you may have taken in the lecture. Also if you have access to the powerpoint slideshow the tutor may have used for the lesson then this would also be worth looking back through.

  • Read relevant textbooks
You probably have been given textbooks to aid your learning in the subject and so it is a good idea to use them with this answer. You could also add to your reading list by heading down to the school or college library and taking out books you feel are relevant to this question.

  • Discuss with classmates or the tutor
Sometimes people find it easy to concur when doing an essay answer. However, this is not an excuse to simply copy each other, but a general conversation about how you think it should be answered and what should be included may help you gain a better focus. It is always a good idea to run any of your ideas for the answer by your tutor first. They should be able to guide you in the right direction.

You will also find the more research you do then the more valid and respected your answer will become. Showing great references and evidence will certainly boost your grade.

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