How To Choose The Right Size For A Racing Bike?


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Choosing a bike takes into account many factors like the body frame of the person using the bike, his height, gender and the terrain that one is going to ride upon. One must choose a bike that one can ride efficiently and comfortably.

One must choose a small vertical frame for his bike and it must also possess enough length horizontally. This can help one stretch and relax his upper body. Such structure makes the bike lighter and stiffer. To find the right frame size, the 'inseam length' is multiplied by '.67'. The 'inseam length' is the length from the crotch to the floor. This formula gives the centre-to-top (C-T) road frame. The centre-to-centre(C-C) road frame is 1- 1.5cm more than C-T. A taller cyclist can choose a frame of 27-28 cm less (C-T) than his inseam length. Mountain bike frame size can be 10-12 cm less than the one used for road bike.

The 'saddle height' calculated by multiplying .883 by inseam length. Neutral knee position should bisect the pedal spindle bar and saddle position is readjusted. When one's elbows are bent in 60-70 degree with his hands in drops, the knees at top stroke should be an inch or two away.
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