Why Do People Collect Things?


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My grandfather had some coins and stamps collections and I was so curious to see each one. Then I collected some stickers with Sailor Moon and tapes with Michael Jackson. This because I liked them very much and I wanted to see and listen more. Even these days I have found some manga collections with sailor moon and I took some pictures from there that I liked the best. I don't do this for money, but I know that some collectors sell their collections after a time.
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They collect things because they feel a sense or enjoyment from it and they get pleasure out of it! They've been doing this sort of things since they were kids and to them, it's fun! Me, I collect things like sports jerseys, old Chicago Transit Authority badges, old Chicago Street Signs, baseball caps, baseballs, guitars, CDs, records, recording mics, etc.
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It's like a hobby to them.

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I collected stamps when I was in Jr. High it was a way of passing time on a rainy day.
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Maybe they want to sell stuff they collect and make some money or they are probably poor.
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I collect several things. I collect mosaic glass, heart shaped items, books and ink pens. Why?  I like to touch and feel things. Sometimes it is not enough to just look.
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I believe people who collect a lot of different things are attempting to fill a void in their lives. They enjoy the high of buying things and feel valuable through their collections. What do you think?
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You really think so? Maybe because their lives are empty and they're trying to fill that void. Have you, yourself, collected things?
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I collect egg cups... Hahahah, I don't know why. Some people collect things for memories, some because the things have a special meaning or just because they like whatever it is

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