How Much Is Scrap X-ray Film Worth?


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It is possible to calculate the value of your scrap x-ray film by using an online calculator such as the one found at To find the price you will need to enter the silver rate from the chart given (with the current silver price) as well as the weight of the film. These two factors are taken into consideration and the approximate valuation of your scrap x-ray film will be given. For example, the average price, on 29th July 2011, for one ounce of scrap x-ray film is $5.6. The value of the film can vary quite dramatically depending on the quantity that you have and its quality. If you are considering selling your scrap x-ray film, it is worth consulting more than one broker in order to get a more average cost. Some brokers are more generous than others with the profit that they will allow you to make.

· Selling scrap x-ray film. The best way to avoid being ripped off for your scrap x-ray film is, rather than have the whole film valued, to ask someone with enough experience to determine how much silver is in your scrap film. Silver is a commodity and a precious metal and therefore has a 'spot price'. Once you know how much silver is in your film and what the current silver 'spot price' is, you will then be more aware of the price that you should be paid for your film.
· Getting rid of x-ray film. Anyone with scrap x-ray film will be someone who is responsible for the storage and access to private medical records. It is important to keep in mind that this spare film should be kept safe and only seen by authorized individuals. Scrap x-ray film is still considered as private information that should be disposed of carefully. Recycling enables the film to be reused and its value maximized without disposing of it in a hazardous way.

The value of scrap x-ray film can change daily along with the 'spot price' for silver. To get the most up-to-date valuation of your scrap film, use an online calculator like the one given above.

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