Can A Non Resident Win The Australian Lotto?


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Yes, a non resident can win the Australian Lotto. In fact, you can play the Australian Lotto from absolutely anywhere in the world as long as they have an Overseas Subscriber Agent. All that you need to do is to choose a subscription that suits you and then for each Game, pick six numbers from one to forty-five.

The Australian Lottery is divided up into six prizes, with each division commanding a different percentage of the prize pool. If you match all six numbers you will win the jackpot. Five numbers, plus at least one supplementary number will bag you 3.8 per cent of the prize pool; five numbers will win 8.2 per cent; four numbers, or four numbers and at least one supplementary number will win 12.4 per cent; three numbers and at least one supplementary number will win 20.8 per cent; and one number, or two numbers plus two supplementaries will win 26.8 per cent of the prize pool.

The reason why the percentages get higher as the amount of numbers you have to get are less is because this is the total amount that is divided between all the winners of that particular permutation, and it is more likely that more people are going to get one or two numbers than they are all six.

In addition to this, each week five per cent of the prize money is kept back and reserved for Superdraws, which take place about six or seven times a year. These reserve funds are saved and then added to these special Saturday draws, which make them the biggest lotto prize in the country.

Another game that can be played is Australian Powerball. This takes place every Thursday and has a minimum jackpot of three million Australian dollars, but it has been known to be as much as 50 million.
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