How Do You Repair A Football Jersey Where The Letters Are Peeling?


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My eagles jersey patch up front is messed up can it be repair
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This solution does not require you to find a matching paint.  Get yourself an ironing cloth if you don't have one.  They can be purchased at Wal-Mart for a few dollars and are very useful.  Set your iron at a setting appropriate for the material, put the shirt on an ironing board and straighten out the number,  place the ironing cloth over the number and iron away.  If this doesn't work try a higher and higher setting until it does work.  Let the shirt cool completely before you handle it.
I have twin 4 year old grandsons and I use an ironing cloth to press any shirt of theirs that has an iron-on.  They never smear.  These cloths are also useful when pressing any material that becomes shiny when ironed or if you're afraid you will scorch an item.
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If the white letters have been sewn in, you can cut out a similar pattern from white cloth and stitch it in. If the white letters have been painted, you can repair them in a simple way. Just buy some fabric paint in similar color. Carefully put the brush to color on the fabric. Follow the faded pattern of the letters.
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Probably need to take to professional seamstress to repair or replace shirt

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