What Kind Of Sport Do You Like?


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I love football, first and foremost.  I'm from Wisconsin, so either you're a football fan, or you're very lonely.  I used to play touch football with the neighbor guys when I was 16, but I found their idea of touch football, and mine, were very, very different.  I enjoy swimming, and loved to play softball and volleyball.  A BIG shout out to Doug and Jeff, and their roaming hands!! Lmao 
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I like many kinds of sports. Lets see.. I like basketball, tennis, volleyball, waterball, racing, skateboarding, rollerskating, surfing (didn't try it yet but I like it), swimming and diving.
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I love football, just watching it though. Can't play, bruising is bad for me.
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I like swimming, cycling, volleyball, soccer, tennis,rollerskating, and gymnastics.
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Sports I'd play... I'd have to say soccer, basketball, gymnastics... Though gymnastics and swimming are recreational, they're still fun and get you out of the house! But there's also baseball and softball... Though a sport to watch on the television? The only sport I like to watch on television is Football. It's fun to watch, but I don't know how to play it [which also tells you that I never have before!]. So yeah, those are the sports I like. Football is the only one I can tolerate watching on t.v., though.
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I like football, baseball, and basketball. I play them with my friends.
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My favorite sport is basketball, I started to play it when I was 11 and I've played it ever since

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My favorite sports are hockey and basketball.My favorite hockey team is the Florida Panthers.My favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat.
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