Are There Any 18+over Dance Clubs In Allentown, PA Or In Philadelphia,PA?


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Yeas dear!
There are a number of dance clubs near Allentown for 18 years and over. Some of the most common are CLUB HORIZON, BPM CLUB and many more which can be accessed from the link give below:
dance clubs
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On certain Sundays (December 27th being one of them, but mostly during the summer), Club Maingate has teen night for ages 14-19 in Allentown, PA. If you get there in between 8:30-9:30 it's $13. If you get there after 9:30 its $15. Its open from 8:30 pm-1am.
There is no alcohol served, but there is a dress code, so you should probably check that out before you go if you decide to (it basically just says, "no tank tops and hoodies").

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