What Do You Use To Glue Rock To Rock?


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Yun Wan answered
You may use superglue for this function but there are more reliable alternatives available on the market. One such alternative is the coraline colored epoxy. You can stick this from object to object and all you have to do is take a rock, lightly dry it off, put a dash of glue on it and then let it set for around ten seconds.
After this has set, you will need to press the rock into the spot you desire and, all things being equal, it will hold. However, you will be required to use quite a high quantity of glue. Products that are made with high quality superglue often feature in a number of bonding adhesives including cyanoacrylates, defensive coatings for industrial tools, numerous flooring and concrete repair sealants as well as gasketing and sealing products.
Other examples of the substances that contain superglue include industrial anti-seize and lubricating products, several industrial machines that supplement cutting, smoothing and finishing procedures, solutions to repair, rebuild and restore household items such as chairs, tables, stools and sofa legs and surface preparation products featuring cleaners and degreasers.
Superglue can also be found in several medical application solutions such as adhesives, dispensing equipment and curing systems and in adhesive equipment like controllers, reservoirs, applicators, valves on cars and engines or pistons as well as dispensing systems like cylinders and pumps.
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Or you can use an epoxy glue, which comes in two parts...  you mix equal amounts of each together, enough to yield a sufficient amount of fairly quick-setting super strong adhesive!!!  There are different types of epoxies, so read the labels to determine which is best!   Peace & Love -WildBill

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