Why Do Girls Love Shopping?


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Girls and shopping go together like beer and pretzels. No-one fully understand why it works, but it just does. Read on to get some more insight into this perplexing phenomenon.

Women and shopping: Why girls love to shop.

The desire to own nice things isn't unique to women. Throughout history, men have been just as obsessed by their possessions, if not more so.

In my opinion, it's the idea of options and choice that women enjoy. They enjoy picking out and matching outfits, they are enticed by the brands and the images these brands portray.

In a sense, shopping is a lot like hunting. Women spend hours stalking around shops observing and comparing, building up to that moment when they finally decide to go for the kill (and max your credit card out) in one fell swoop.

Why women are hooked on shopping?

My view on the shopping 'pandemic' is that women are actually the victims in this cycle. In these days of consumerism, we are constantly bombarded with opportunities to shop. From shopping channels like QVC to the 'retail experience' that department stores offer, shopping has become more than the simple act of acquiring goods in exchange for money.

From Denver to Dubai, the world is full of extravagant shopping malls and major retailers that have become household names.
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In this modern world of fashion, style has become a statement. Today for every girl to look presentable has become an important factor. And so shopping for cosmetics, clothes, bags, sandals, shoes, etc has become a daily routine.

Girls generally prefer variety in their clothing. They need to have new collection practically every week. And so shopping on a weekend has become a part of daily life.

Being well-dressed and looking good is very important. Every girl wants to look better than the other. Some of the factors that are looked for are combination of colors, the types of sandal or shoes for clothing accessories etc.

However, for those who are not fashion freaks, there are other things for example scented candles, hosiery stuff, etc to shop for.
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I think everyone loves shopping, not only girls.
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It has always been that way. Girls get very excited to shop. Just like boys like sports.

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Males love shopping too, always have to look sharp. Except they tend to be more private about it and go shopping alone discretely. Or just order online.

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What kind of sexist moron wrote that?

Are you saying that "girls" who don't go shopping every day for cosmetics are not presentable? Maybe because they are too busy using their brains instead, eh?!
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The Girls or women like shopping very much rather than other things because they want to show off their desires and status. You may belive or not,  to get the matching things whether they are clothing or footwear or anything, they may visit around all shopping stores to check. Even they don't bother about the money or time in their searching. If the matched one or desired one has been found, that must be purchased irrespective of its price. Even they moslty like to shop clothing, footwear, jewelry and also spend more time for choosing them.

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Shopping can sometimes be therapeutic for girls. In the same way as
video games or fishing can be for some men. Shopping can take your mind
off of boy problems or school or work issues. You get to take your mind
off of problems and focus on buying a little present or presents for
yourself. Many girls like to look pretty and dress to impress and you
can't do that unless you go shopping. At the end of the day you get atl
east one good item that will brighten your day(s). Shopping can also be a
way to bond with your friends. Research shows that 'cave women' would
gather food, like shopping for them. During this time, women would talk
and bond. Perhaps this has be carried on through the generations and is
now in the form of shopping. Sometime, women talk about their problems
to others while looking at earrings, again, being therapeutic. And who
doesn't like a new dress, it's another type of clothing you can look
good in!         

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Such women, this is inherent in our blood.  I think it's like a drug, if you try, you can not stop.  By the way, I have many friends who like to shop.  We are all egoists by nature, we love to encourage ourselves.  For example, I like buying accessories for my smartphone, since I spend a lot of time with it.  And I always want to fill it in and update it.  Recently I found a cool site with a novelty that transformed and made it easier for me to use my gadget.  This stabilizer is very convenient and necessary  I am very pleased with him.

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It's not that girls only love shopping because in the real life if we observe we find lot of options where boys to order everytime online. I think shopping is the only way that women find to step out from their regular works and spend time for themselves otherwise normally thee won't spend in outings, no plans every week as men do so shopping is the one way that they engage themselves and enjoy new findings.

Moreover, in this new fashion world, everything changes in hours so there is no doubt that last visit and present change lot in stores. So, this frequent visit to shopping is also a way for women to find the new things and get the most liked.

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You see it in every shopping mall: Men sitting outside the clothing store waiting for the wife to come out. Why is it that women love to try on every pair of shoes before deciding whether to buy anything at all, and men want to get out of the mall seconds after they get in?

It's all in the genes, according to Daniel Kruger, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Michigan. Kruger argues that it's natural for women to love to shop and men to hate it because of our evolutionary past.

Men were the hunters in our ancestral cultures, so when they find a satisfactory specimen, whether it's an elk or a pair of shoes, they want to shoot it and get out before it gets away.

Women, by contrast, were the primary gatherers in early hunter-gatherer cultures, so they feel a need to check every berry on the bush to make sure they're getting the best deal.

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Hello there, in my opinion, girls like to have a collection
of clothes in different colours and styles. This is why they like to shop. It
is also a way to spend time with their friends and to reduce their stress levels.
I prefer online shopping
as it is less time consuming.

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As my wife likes to tell me, it is very important for the girls and boys. But girls have no necessity to hide their love to shopping. Especially when they start to use to buy the necessary goods on the reasonable prices and get great discounts,

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What is about shopping online? I am happy to work  that is now my favorite utility to get assistance while shopping in such a way. That is the reason I am happy to work according to their experience here.

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In this modern world of chimpanzees, Bananas have become a statement. Today for every chimpanzee eating Bananas have become an important factor. And so Banana hunting, for Bananas,  has become a daily routine.

chimpanzees generally prefer variety in with their Bananas, some like their bananas peeled, some like their bananas chopped, some like them mooshed,  They need to eat bananas practically every day of the  week. And so gathering on a weekend has become a part of daily life.

Being well-fed and looking good while holding a banana is very important. Every chimpanzee wants to look better than the other. Some of the factors that are looked for are combination of colors, the types of bananas or for being totally amazing etc.

However, for those who are not banana freaks, there are other things for example apples, or oranges etc to hunt for.

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Doesn't everyone like to spend money on themselves? I'm pretty sure that girls don't care whether it's Doesn't everyone like to spend money on themselves? I'm pretty sure that girls don't care whether it's online shopping or an offline one, so it's more about getting the things you want. I'm developing an online store, and I've learned that people order things online way more, so I hope that once I install all the necessary extensions like google captcha and cookie consent, I'll finally start running an online business.

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Hi, I agree with what you are saying about girls liking shopping because it is their nature with them being female. However there are some of them who do not like doing this even though they are female, it relates to their character and their interests as well.
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They do it because it's part of their character, and by the way Scavenger, Guest is just trying to understand how the female mind works.

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