I Want To Start Selling Handmade Blankets And Photo Albums At Craft Fairs. Do I Need A License?


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My mom did the same thing for a few years in the 90's.  You get your business license at your local town hall. Then you have to make sure you file a Schedule C with the IRS every year, and pony up your estimated taxes every quarter. If you show losses for more than two years running, the IRS will declare your business a hobby, and you won't be able to deduct your expenses anymore. My mom gave up her crafts biz because of this hassle, and the glut of Chinese-made crafts that have flooded the market.

This is possibly why NASCARNUT suggests you go the eBay route. No business license needed there, but you will still have to compete with mass-produced photo albums and blankets from China. Also, once you sell something original, the global supply chain will counterfeit it in short order. Good luck!

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